Structure of Meetings


The agenda is prepared by the President. The President should be contacted prior to the meeting regarding items to be added to the agenda. This is particularly important for committee chairpersons who may have decisions pending that need discussion or action.


The minutes should be read prior to the meeting. The President will call for additions and corrections. These are handled by general consent. If there are none, the minutes stand approved. There is no need to vote on their acceptance.


The Treasurer's report is given at each meeting. This is also accepted by general consent, and does not need further approval. The budget, however, does need approval of both the Executive Board and the General Membership.

Reports should be prepared in written form and submitted to the Secretary prior to presenting orally. Committee chairpersons may make suggestions and/or motions that arise out of their reports. If the issues require lengthy debate the President may ask that the items be dealt with at another point on the agenda.


  1. Reading (done individually prior to the meeting) and approval of the minutes
  2. Reports of Officers, Boards and Standing Committees
  3. Reports of special (ad hoc) committees
  4. Unfinished or Old Business
  5. New Business
  6. Adjournment of meeting

*Please contact Wendy Lamparelli, president, for agenda items prior to the Executive Board Meetings. All Executive Board Member and Committee Chair Reports shall be submitted electronically to the Secretary, Susan Grimsland, by 12 noon on the day prior to the Executive Board Meeting.

*Please contact Wendy Lamparelli if you are a member of the Executive Board and are unable to attend the Executive Board Meetings as scheduled.

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