Board Positions



Serve as the official representative of the association, preside at all meetings and is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice President

Perform the duties of the president in her absence; with education chair is responsible for planning and coordinating the program for the four evening dinner/business meetings.


Responsible for all official correspondence of the association and for notifying members in advance of meetings. Record and file the minutes and reports of all meetings; serve as the custodian of all current records of the association.


Serve as custodian of all funds for the association; responsible for signing checks, presenting a proposed budget, submitting an annual report for audit.

Committee Chairs

BCEA Representative

Attend BCSNA executive and general meetings and report to BCSNA membership.


Plan educational programs of interest for the association.


Examine the treasurer’s books and report results to Executive Board; assist with drafting annual budget


Make all arrangements for the four business/dinner meetings


Responsible for processing applications, keeping a file of all members

Member Support

Provide assistance as needed to various committees; plan retiree ceremony for May

NJSSNA Representative

Attend the Executive Board and General meetings of NJSSNA; keep BCSNA members informed of all legislation and other pertinent issues.


Prepare a slate for the annual election with members qualified and willing to fill the vacancies. Slate is to be presented at March meeting.


Assist president in conducting meeting according to association bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order.


Review application forms. Select a candidate based on application, scholarship criteria, and interview.

Standards and Practices/Bylaws

Receive all proposed amendments and make recommendations for the proposed action by the Executive Board.  Advise members with questions related to professional school nursing practice.  Assist president in dealing with problems of a serious concern to BCSNA members.


Update website including forms/links; send email blasts to members, post notices of upcoming meetings