About Us

The Bergen County School Nurses Association is here for you!

School Nurses often find themselves practicing solo without the support and insight of their colleagues.

Join the BCSNA - network, listen and learn!

  • Network with colleagues while discussing issues and challenges relevant to your field.
  • Listen and collaborate with peers while enjoying a delicious meal.
  • Learn and earn professional development credit with access to keynote speakers. Recent topics have included: common childhood injuries, substance abuse and addiction, pediatric infectious diseases, and diabetes type 1.

Through the BCSNA, you can develop leadership skills. We are always looking for interested members to join our executive team! Why wait any longer? Join today!

BCSNA Board Positions

By Laws

Meeting Minutes

BCSNA Executive Board

President Laura Hynes
Vice President Donna Pleus
Recording Secretary Wendy Lamparelli
Corresponding Secretary Sue Grimsland
Treasurer Alice Wright

BCSNA Committees


Kim Fecanin

Donna Pleus

Rose Catton

BCEA Representative Rose Catton

Sheryl Meyers

Cynthia Kneisler


Maria Castro

Alice Wright

Member Support


Networking: Claire Mihn - Wendy Lamparelli

Publicity: Susan Springer

Job Placement: Karen Corcoran - Liz Horgan

Welfare/Retirement: Beverly Vandenberg


 Lynn McShane   

 Donna Pleus

 Carol Maye

NJSSNA Representative Donna Pleus
Nominating Mary Beth Kakolewski
Parliamentarian Pat Grossano

 Donna Gallo